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The basis of greatness is checking your thoughts, words and deeds

Today, BapDada has come to meet all His companions of the land of divine activity, the land of divine action, the land of blessings, the land of the greatest pilgrimage place and the land of the greatest sacrificial fire. To be a resident of Madhuban means to be a resident of a great and pure land. Since those who visit this land have great parts, imagine how great the parts of those who live here must be! The residence of great souls is also remembered as a great place. Since those who come here experience themselves to be fortunate and have many different inner experiences, imagine what the experience of those who live here would be! Souls who live with the Ocean of Knowledge would be so elevated! Do all of you residents of Madhuban experience yourselves to be such elevated souls as this? Since this place is the top place, is your stage also always the top stage? Your stage doesn’t come down, does it? Do you know how many types of gifts of a lift you Madhuban residents have? Have you ever counted them? Or, do you have so many that you cannot count them? Everyone sings songs of the praise of Madhuban, but do you residents of Madhuban sing this praise yourselves? Do you know how elevated people from far away consider you residents of Madhuban to be and how they keep your elevated images in their hearts? Have you created such an image of yourself in the living form? Just as you live on a physical mountain here, do you constantly stay on the mountain of such an elevated stage? Is your stage so elevated that no influence of the atmosphere of the old world can reach it? Do you remain in such a stage or do you come down? Is there a need to come down? Madhuban has a double boundary. One is that you Madhuban residents are within the boundary of Madhuban itself. Secondly, you are constantly within the boundary of shrimat. So, you are within a double boundary. The stage of those who remain within this double boundary must be so elevated! Today, BapDada has come to meet those who live on His land. This is the land of the Father’s divine activity. So, there would be special love for those who live on His own land.

Poor devotees of today yearn just to rub the mud of this place on their foreheads, whereas you always live here. So, you are so fortunate! Everyone is seated on the heart-throne, but you residents of Madhuban are seated at the hearth and home as well as on the heart-throne. So you have double fortune. You residents of Madhuban receive the freshest things. It is you residents of Madhuban who have a picnic of the most beautiful experiences. You residents of Madhuban celebrate the most meetings. It is you residents of Madhuban who are knowledge-full of all the news from everywhere. Everyone has to come to meet you residents of Madhuban. So, you have such elevated fortune! Who is speaking of this fortune of yours? The Father is speaking of the children’s fortune! You residents of Madhuban have such great fortune that if you were constantly to remember even one aspect of it, your stage would never descend. Does each of you move along whilst considering yourself to be an elevated soul whose fortune is praised by the Father? Whenever those from abroad hear the praise of the Madhuban residents, they become very happy and have the enthusiasm to become residents of Madhuban. It is as though the foreigners are sitting in the gallery today. There is great pleasure in watching everything from the gallery. Sometimes, you Madhuban residents are observers and sometimes, the foreigners are observers. You residents of Madhuban just have to keep one thing in your awareness to become powerful. What is that one thing in which everything is included?

Whatever thoughts you create, whatever words you speak, whatever deeds you perform and whoever you come into connection or relationship with, simply check that everything you do is equal to what the Father does. Let your thoughts be equal to the Father’s thoughts. Let your words be the Father’s words, because all of you have promised that you will only relate what you have heard from the Father, that you will only listen to what the Father relates to you, that you will only think about the things that the Father has told you. This is what all of you have promised, is it not? Since this is the promise you have made, this is all you have to check. It is not difficult to check this, is it? First, check to see that it matches the Father’s and then put it into practice. First of all, check whether each thought you have is equal to the Father’s thought. You have been told earlier that the copper-aged kings and the royal families would first have everything they were given checked before they accepted it. What are the kings of the copper age compared to you? You must have been much better kings. However, even the kings of today who have lost their thrones still receive hospitality and are still looked after so well! All the thoughts you have are food for your intellect. The words you speak are food for your mouth. Your deeds are food for your hands and feet. Therefore, check everything. What would you call it if you do something first and then think about it afterwards? Therefore, be doubly sensible.

Simply make this one aspect your original sanskar. Some souls have the sanskar of not accepting anything insignificant. They would first look at everything and check it carefully before accepting it. All of you are pure great souls; all of you are elevated souls. Therefore, if you souls were to accept thoughts without considering them, or say something without thinking, or perform deeds without thinking, that would not be greatness. Therefore, the one thing that you Madhuban residents have to do is to check. You have the machinery for checking everything, do you not? Your practice is the machinery.

A lot of praise is sung of the Madhuban residents. The fragrance of your tirelessness has been spreading for a long time. You have each received a certificate for spreading the fragrance of tirelessness. However, together with this, what else do you have to add? Just as you are tireless, so you must also remain constantly stable. Whenever the results of any of you are examined, let them all be seen as foremost in being constant and stable. Let them not be second or third in number, because Madhuban gives light and might to everyone. If the light-and-might-house were constantly to fluctuate, what would become of everyone else? The atmosphere of the Madhuban residents quickly spreads everywhere. A tiny matter that happens here becomes big when it reaches everywhere else, because all of you are great people. You are those who are constantly under the canopy of protection. You will of course receive your reward in heaven, but you also receive plenty of rewards here. You Madhuban residents receive everything ready-made! You simply have to perform your duty and you receive everything else. You don’t need to think about where you will receive anything from or how much you will receive. You simply do your service and eat the fruit of that. You Madhuban residents are also repeatedly given 36 varieties of food. Therefore, you also have to imbibe 36 virtues. Every resident of Madhuban must definitely put on a crown of the light of purity. You must wear a double crown: a crown of virtues and a crown of purity and this crown must have at least 36 diamonds in it.

Today, BapDada is conducting the coronation ceremony of the crown of virtues for the residents of Madhuban especially and for everyone else in general. Let anyone who looks at all of you see you wearing crowns. Let each of you virtuous jewels sparkle and make others sparkle. (BapDada conducted drill.) All of you are stable in the stage of being absorbed in love, are you not? Simply belong to the one Father and none other! You can experience so much supersensuous joy in this. You like the elevated stage of being full of all virtues, do you not? Even if you spent day and night in that stage, you would still constantly want to remain in that stage. Constantly maintain this awareness and remain a powerful soul.

BapDada constantly celebrates meeting you children and will continue to do so. There are many children, but, because of being beyond any bodily bondage, both Bap and Dada can meet each child and give that feeling to each one within a second.

Meeting the Dadis:

Has the royal family been created or is it still being created? Have those who are going to run the activities of the kingdom emerged yet or are they still about to emerge? One grade is of those who are going to rule the kingdom and the other grade is of those who are going to carry out the running of the kingdom. Those who are seated on the throne will rule the kingdom and those who come into contact with you will be carrying out the activities involved in the running of the kingdom. Therefore, those who are going to carry out the activities involved in the running of the kingdom are also being created now. What would the speciality of those who run the kingdom be? Not everyone will be seated on the throne, because there has to be a limit of those who can be seated on the throne, but there will be the relatives of those who are seated on the throne. There would be a difference between those who are part of the royal family and those seated on the throne. Although they will all be called the number one or number two of the royal family of the world emperor, what would be the difference? There have to be some rules as to who can be seated on the throne. Think about this!

At the confluence age, the Father gives everyone the right to be seated on the heart-throne. There will be the future emperors and kings, but who will claim a right to the throne of Lakshmi and Narayan the First? There will be smaller thrones and the royal court, but the special basis of having the throne of the world emperor is to be one who completely follows the Father in every aspect and in every subject. If you fail in following the Father in even one subject, you cannot claim a right to the first throne. You will claim the status of changing from an ordinary human into Lakshmi or Narayan, but, in order to claim the first number crown and throne, you have to follow both Bap and Dada in everything. Only then will you receive the throne as a follow up. You have to follow the Father in every matter, every sanskar and every thought. Numbers will be allocated on the basis of this. You will receive the same throne, but it will be numberwise. There will be a difference between Lakshmi and Narayan the Second and Lakshmi and Narayan, the Eighth because of the difference in their following the Father. This is very significant. It is also significant as to whether you become an emperor or an empress. BapDada also continues to look at the kingdom and sees who is to claim a right to which kingdom. The basis of which lines you come in this is also a secret.

To follow the father is a very deep philosophy: to follow the father from birth, to follow the father in your childhood life, to follow the father in your youth, to follow the father in a life of service and to follow the father in your final period. In terms of companionship and co-operation at the time of establishment, how much have you been following the father or to what percentage have you been following him? How much did you follow the father in the task of sustenance? How much did you follow the father in being a destroyer of obstacles for yourself and others? Your total marks are based on the combined marks of all of these things. Your final number is based on your total marks.

All of you can take a jump. You are the handful out of multimillions who can show such a wonder! Ask yourself: Who belongs to that handful out of multimillions? You mustn’t think that you cannot do this because you have come late. You can do it! You may have to take a big jump, but take it anyway and BapDada will give you extra help.

BapDada meeting someone personally:

Just as the Father knows the greatness of all you children, do you also know it? Do you experience this intoxication or do you feel that you sometimes have this intoxication, but not at other times? Do you watch the situations or the Father? What do you look at? The larger the gathering, the greater the situations that will come in front of you. There will be certain situations in gatherings. Are you able to remember the Father at the time of going through such a situation? You mustn’t think that you will be able to remember the Father when that situation is over. To have remembrance of the Father is the way to finish the situation. Only when you make progress can the situation end. Do not think that you will make progress when the situation ends. It is when you make progress that such situations will be left behind. It is not the road that moves forward, but the one walking along on the road who moves forward. Does the road ever move forward? Does someone walking along a road think that he will move forward when the road moves forward? The road remains stationary; it is the one walking along who moves forward. The side scenes will not move away but those who are watching the side scenes will move forward. So, do you have this power? Do you constantly remember the lesson of belonging to the one Father and none other in your thoughts, words and deeds? OK, perhaps you don’t belong to anyone else, and this is another subject, but are there still physical comforts you desire? Are there still any obstacles? Are there any waste thoughts? Whilst in remembrance of the one Father, if you have any waste thoughts, it means that there is something other than the Father. Let there be neither be any waste thoughts nor anything wasteful in your words. Whilst in connection with souls and fulfilling your responsibility for souls, let there only be Baba in your awareness. Let there be no expansion of thoughts of others or of physical comforts. Is it like that? Today, it is your body; tomorrow it is your mind, the day after, it is some possession: your time is not wasted in this, is it? When you forget the other person, you remember a possession, and when you forget that possession, you remember the other person. There will always be this line, because Maya knows that, if you give her even a little chance to enter you, she is able to adopt many different forms to come. She will not come in just one form. She will come from here, from there, from that corner or from the roof. She has many different ways of coming in many forms. However, those who recognise Maya, on the basis of having made the lesson of belonging to the one Father firm, will make Maya salute them from a distance. They will not salute Maya, but will make Maya salute them. You have received all the knowledge, so wherever you are, let there be the atmosphere of belonging to the one Father and none other. You have received so many points. Therefore, whilst keeping all of these points, become the form of a point. This is the wonder of the time when various things try to pull you down. Sometimes, a situation will pull you down, sometimes a person will become an instrument to pull you down, sometimes, the atmosphere and sometimes, an object. This will continue to happen all the time. It is impossible for this never to happen, but you do have to remain stable. Invent something for this. Invent a method so that everyone sings praise of how good the method you have created is. Achcha.

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