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The checking and results of the papers of the form of love, co-operation and power

Today, BapDada was looking at all the elevated children everywhere. All the children everywhere have the same thought of love and remembrance. All the easy yogi, very serviceable children are always with BapDada. Even though they may be far away, on the basis of their love they are very close.

Today, BapDada was examining the elevated form of each one of you in terms of your love, co-operation and power and seeing how many marks you have received in those three specialities from the time you started until now. In the subject of love, Baba saw three things in particular.

1. Unbroken love. No matter how many adverse situations came or how many people tried to break the thread of your love, you have risen above the high barriers of those situations and people and kept your thread of love constantly unbroken. Because your love is unbroken you have not repeatedly had to tie a knot to any reason or weakness.

2. You have constantly fulfilled the responsibility of love practically in all relationships. In fulfilling the relationship of love, not even in one relationship was there anything lacking.

3. As the practical return of the love you have been given, you have inspired many to love the Father through being an embodiment of love yourself. It’s not that you just have to make them love knowledge and purity. Or just love the transformation in the lives of the children, or just love the elevated souls. You have to make them have a direct loving relationship with the Father. Do not just bring people to the point where they say that you are good, that this knowledge and this life are good, but let them say that the Father is the best of all. This is what is meant by inspiring souls to love the Father.

Baba saw these three specialities in the subject of love. In the subject of co-operation, the main thing is:

1. Have you been co-operative selflessly?

2. Have you constantly been co-operative through your thoughts, words and deeds and in every form of relationship and connection?

3. How many other souls have you made worthy and truly co-operative?

In the subject of being the powerful form:

1. Have you become a master almighty authority, one with all the powers, or one with just a few powers?

2. Are you able to take advantage of your weapons of the powers at the time you need to, or are your weapons kept in your locker?

3. To what extent have you made others master almighty authorities by using the powers that you have attained yourselves?

Baba was examining the specialities of these three things. You were told that these papers of yours were to be checked today. So, your papers have been checked today. What was the result? In the overall result, all of you passed; some claimed full marks, some claimed pass marks and others were shown mercy and given just enough marks to pass; all three were numberwise. Less than half passed with full marks. About 70% passed and there was a long list of those who were given the mercy to pass. What do you have to do now?

This result is that given by Baba in the form of the Father. Even now, Baba still is checking your papers as the Father. However, in the final result, Dharamraj will be with the Father. You still have a little margin of time left before the final results are given. You still have a last chance. What is that?

1. Firstly, by having imperishable disinterest from the heart, burn all the things of the past and also all your old sanskars. Create a sacrificial fire to burn these.

2. Along with burning all of those, make a vow to observe the Godly disciplines and maryadas constantly from amrit vela till night-time.

3. Constantly be a great donor and donate to all people as a charitable soul. Constantly perform the charity of always being co-operative with Brahmins and let the task of imperishable donations and charity continue all the time, whether through thoughts, words or connections and relationships. Those who take such a high jump and become double light and flying birds through their elevated effort can attain these results. You still have a chance to make such effort till the final result. Do you understand? All of this checking is taking place now. So, after having heard and understood everything, you can take your last chance.

Father Brahma said: You were sustained through the sakar form and you are now being sustained through the avyakt form. Those who received sustenance through the sakar form were given many chances at various times. Similarly, those who are receiving avyakt sustenance from the angelic form should also be given a special right to this last chance. This is why a little margin has been kept for giving marks in the checking of those who only receive sustenance from the angelic form, as distinct from those who have received sustenance from both the angelic and sakar forms. In the checking of the papers of those who came at the beginning and of those who received avyakt sustenance, those who came later have been given 25% extra marks. This is why anyone who wants to claim this last chance can do so. The whistle for you to take your seats has not yet been blown. So, take this chance and claim your seat.

Those from Karnatak are in any case clever in claiming a seat. Just as you want to take a seat at the front here, so too, claim the final seat in the front. Those from Karnatak are easily pleased. You are constantly moving along understanding the secrets of knowledge and you never get upset. Achcha.

To those whose actions are raazyukt (understanding all secrets), yogyukt and yuktiyukt, to the constantly elevated souls, to those who are constantly full of all powers, to those who are coloured by the Father’s company, to the spiritual souls, the children who are great donors and greatly charitable souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

1. BapDada’s signals to become successful in serving the lands abroad.

In serving the lands abroad, you will be especially successful with the power of silence, because souls there are constantly wandering here and there, searching for even one second’s peace. So, first give those wandering souls peace and then give them spiritual love. Give them the experience of peace with a lot of love. Love is missing and peace is also missing. Therefore, whatever programme you organise, first of all, praise the love experienced in a relationship with the Father. Then, having forged a loving relationship between those souls and the Father, give them the experience of peace. Whether you perform dramas or give lectures, keep the balance of being an embodiment of both love and peace. Let this be the main topic, but you can also use other methods (to give them an experience). In your lectures and dramas, give them the same experience. Then, because they experience the same thing through different methods, it will be imprinted on them. You can hold large or small programmes. Before holding a large programme, create a close connection with a variety of souls. What will happen then? By serving souls of various professions, all types of souls will become part of this. They will become co-operative and the programme will be full of splendour. In any case, variety is always good. When you make contact with souls from different wings in advance, any task becomes successful. BapDada is giving multimillion-fold love and remembrance in return for the special service and love of those who have become instruments for serving in the foreign lands.

2. By using the key of knowledge you can attain the treasures of fortune.

At the confluence age, you receive the key of knowledge with which to make your fortune. Use this key make as much fortune for yourself as you want and take as many treasures of fortune as you want. All of you are clever at using this key. You receive this key and become prosperous. The more prosperous you become, the happier you are. All of you have seen water emerging from a spring. Similarly, let your eternal spring of happiness flow constantly and never stop. BapDada is always happy to see everyone’s star of fortune.

Avyakt BapDada meeting a group of Engineers:

An engineer means one with a planning intellect. An engineer always sets his plan and then goes ahead with the task. So, the engineer’s group means a spiritual planning intellect group. Are you like that? Are you making plans for serving with planning intellects in this spiritual service? Are you making new plans or are you putting an existing plan into practical form? Planning intellects cannot remain without making plans. Whatever someone’s work is, they are always busy doing that work without even being aware of it. So, you always pay attention to that department, as to what you should do, how you should do it, how to be successful in that, which method to use to bring about growth – this is the work of an engineer, is it not? So, you spiritual engineers have to make a plan for making expansion in Godly service happen in a disciplined way. If everyone keeps their new plan ready, then, with so many plans, the new world will come quickly. Now, make a plan that involves less expenditure and yet brings great success. Just one drop of saccharine has a big effect. Similarly, let your plan be powerful but economical at the same time. In today’s world, , it needs to be economical and powerful. You engineers of the spiritual Government, make such plans. Just as, nowadays, they are thinking of plans whereby many can get a job in one industry, so, here, let the plans too be economical, so that many receive the message. Just as there, they think of how to provide a livelihood for many, so here, too, many should receive the message. Here, many engineers are needed because engineers in the golden age will create very beautiful things in a short time and so those sanskars are needed from here, are they not? Only then will such plans be made. Even if you become a king, you will have things made and will give ideas. So, engineers are needed to create plans for the new world and for success in service. So, how important you are! So, do you move along considering how important you are? Each one of you has to think that you have to give the proof of success. Each one of you has to make new plans and first of all put them into practice in your own zones, and then the whole world will copy. The reason for the plans not passing is that you are not being economical. If there is both economy and plans of success, everyone will then pass the plans. If 60 engineers were to make 60 plans, completion would take place in 1980. Completion will not take place in one second, transformation will take place gradually. However, let it begin and let the sound emerge from each one’s heart that the new world is now to come. Just as scientists have gone to the moon and shown us a glimpse of it, and everyone has begun to make preparations to buy a plot on the moon, so, at least, let those with the power of silence begin preparations for buying a plot in the new world. At least let the bookings be made. Just as any invention of science is first made in a laboratory and then announced, similarly, first of all use those plans in the laboratory of your area. Then everyone will accept it. Let there be practical success of the plans. New plans are needed for those who have seen the exhibitions and melas. A new attraction is needed. So, become one with a planning intellect and make plans. Whatever speciality you have received according to the drama, use that speciality, that is, claim a special lottery. Make a plan to create new facilities; not just in your notebooks, but in a practical way. There, the plans just remain on paper, but these are practical plans. Achcha.

Avyakt BapDada meeting a group of judges and lawyers:

Do all of you constantly remain busy in the service of making yourselves free (independent) and also making many other souls free from their many bondages? The lokik work of all of you is to free anyone who is trapped anywhere. Does this whole group comprise those who are going to free anyone? There, you free those who have become trapped in terms of that Government. Or, when someone does something bad under the influence of a vice, you either free that person or confine them; sometimes, it is the truth and sometimes it is lies. Here, in this spiritual task, you are those who constantly make every soul fre. How many souls have you made free? Today is the day to see the result. So, how many have you made free? You do that service in name for the sake of Godly service. Otherwise, why would the Pandavas give their time to serve them? It is in order to take advantage of this service that you become incognito servers and do service. It is remembered that the Pandavas went on service incognito. They did not go to fill water or to massage anyone’s feet, but they went as servers in an incognito dress in order to change the kingdom. Similarly, you have gone in an incognito way to transform the kingdom of the world. So, are you constantly engaged in this task? Lokik service means service to increase your connections. By keeping this aim, you will remain constantly engaged in achieving that qualification. Now, every wing should increase the number of their equals because those from every wing will definitely complain to their wing that your colleagues need to be told about this.

Continue to take a chance to do double service. Bring into connection with the Father all of those souls who come into contact with you. Give your co-operation through your lokik work and through Godly service; show them the path to happiness and peace. Everyone will then see each of you as a great charitable soul. Achcha.

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