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Qualifications of a soul who is stable in his self-respect

BapDada sees each child as a multimillion times fortunate soul. The elevated reward of each one is constantly in front of the Father. This is what the unlimited Father is proud of in His children. So many of His children are supremely worthy of being worshipped by the world. Although all of you effort-makers are numberwise, even the last numbered child is worthy of being remembered and worshipped by the world. Even today, that last child is still being remembered and worshipped. So many children of the one unlimited Father become so worthy! Now just consider how multimillion-times fortunate all of you are! Even today, your devotees thirst for a glimpse of you numberwise souls of the deity religion. It is because you became so fortunate and worthy in the living form that even today people still thirst for a glimpse of you. This is why BapDada is proud of even the last bead of the rosary of 16,000. No matter what type of effort-maker you are – whether a careless effort-maker, a mediocre effort-maker or an intense effort-maker – you belonged to the Father and became worthy of being remembered and worshipped. By being in the company of the Lord of Divinity, you have changed from being iron to being like an alchemist’s stone. An alchemist’s stone is definitely highly valued. This is why in your self-respect you must never consider yourself to be anything less. Do not become body conscious. Those who maintain their self-respect will never be arrogant; they are always humble. The greater your self-respect, accordingly you will be humble in saying: “Ha ji”. Those who maintain their self-respect are bestowers who give respect to others. Those who maintain their self-respect are bestowers of respect to souls, whether they are young or old, enlightened or unenlightened, conquerors of Maya or influenced by Maya, virtuous or those who still have one or two defects, that is, those who are still making effort to become virtuous: because they are full themselves, they will constantly be merciful. A bestower means someone who is merciful. Such a soul would not have the slightest thought of bossing any other soul about. Souls either have mercy or become bossy. “Why is this like this? You shouldn’t do this! This shouldn’t be like this! Is this what knowledge tells us?” All of these thoughts are a trace of subtle bossiness. This is why a merciful bestower who maintains his own self-respect would give respect to everyone and in this way uplift them. If an effort-maker falls because of some weakness or because of carelessness, even if he comes down from his stage, you are souls who maintain your self-respect and remain charitable. The duty of a charitable soul is to uplift souls who have fallen and make them co-operative, and not to say: “Why did you fall? You should have fallen! You are experiencing the fruit of your own karma! Whatever you do, you will definitely receive the return of it!” Souls who maintain their self-respect would not have such thoughts or say such words to anyone. Such charitable souls would completely free souls from whatever influence they are under. They would not have any trace of bossiness. This is what is known as having self-respect. Such souls would never be body conscious. BapDada sees each of you children with the vision of you being a charitable soul. Follow the Father.

You residents of Bombay are clever in following the Father, are you not? Bombay was the father’s place and that was why sakar Baba went to Bombay a lot. However many times sakar Baba went there, you received that much sustenance. So, you residents of that land are charitable souls, that is, you can transform the sins of others. Do not look at anyone’s weaknesses (kami), but look at the wonders (kamaal) they perform. Then, whatever weakness there is will change into a wonder. You are the great souls who reside in the land of charity, are you not? The people of Bombay will become number one, ever-ready souls. The flames of destruction can emerge at any moment. Are you ever ready for this? You would not begin to make preparations at that time, will you? You would not think that you have not yet become complete or not yet created your subjects, would you? You have to become full of everything in advance. Even nature is waiting to become your servant and to serve you. A servant would definitely wait upon his master. Therefore, constantly remain in the stage of a master.

BapDada meeting kumars:

1) Kumars and Brahma Kumars. You are a kumar in your family life and a Brahma Kumar in your Brahmin life. You are not just a kumar, but a Brahma Kumar. If you remain just a kumar, Maya will come to you. If you remain a Brahma Kumar, Maya will run away. So, just as Brahma is Adi Dev (First Deity), similarly, Brahma Kumars are original jewels. The children of Adi Dev are master adi dev. When you consider yourself to be an original jewel, you can understand the value of your life. All of you are the jewels of Prabhu (God), the jewels of Ishwar (God), and so you have so much value. When you constantly consider yourselves to be the children of Adi Dev, master adi devs, the original jewels, then whatever work you carry out will be powerful, it will not be wasteful. The busier you kumars remain in service, the more you will be able to conquer Maya. Do not keep yourself free!

2) Kumars are free from bondage in every way. You are free from bondage in terms of your worldly responsibilities and also free in terms of being bound by Maya. You do not have to depend on any bondage. The sign of someone being free from bondage is that he is constantly yogyukt. Someone who is yogyukt would definitely be free from bondage. There wouldn’t even be any bondage of the mind. Worldly responsibilities are like a game. Don’t fulfil them as though they are a bondage, but fulfil them as a game whilst laughing and playing; as if you are following directions and you will not then get tired over trivial matters. When you think of them as a bondage, you start feeling harassed and ask questions such as: “Why?” or “What?” However, when you consider yourself to be playing a game and following directions, you will remain tireless. The Father is responsible and you are just an instrument. Kumars are doubly free from bondage because you have no tails (partners). Constantly remain lucky. Do not be afraid. It is very good to prepare food just by yourselves. You can cook food for yourself and the Father with a lot of love. First, offer it to the Father. When you consider yourself to be alone, you get tired. Constantly remember that there are two of you: you and Baba. When you have to prepare food for someone else, prepare it accurately in the right way with love and you will enjoy yourself a great deal. You kumars should form a group so that if one of you falls ill, someone would be responsible to look after and serve him. Never think of attaching a tail (a partner) to yourself; otherwise, you will become very distressed. Externally, you would not be aware of this, but if you attach a tail to yourself, there will then be difficulties. At present, you are free, but then your responsibilities would increase. Have all of you made the Father your Companion? So, would you leave one Companion and make someone else your companion? Even in worldly life, this is not considered good. So, you kumars should never consider yourselves to be alone. It is when you consider yourself to be alone that you become unhappy.

Kumars should become a volcanic form of fire and ignite the flames so that destruction can take place very quickly. So, now intensify the fire of yoga, so that the flames of destruction become powerful.

You are not those who ask “Why?” or “What?” in any situation, are you? Only those who are not master trikaldarshi would ask such questions. Those who know all the three aspects of time would not ask questions such as: “Why?” and “What?” Only little children ask: “Why?” or “What?” All of you have reached your stage of retirement. By remaining in the stage of retirement, you will also remain beyond any type of Maya. The clearer the line of your intellect is, the faster your speed of effort will be. Are the lines of all of you clear? Kumars can perform great wonders. You are a spiritual youth group, are you not? If the youth of today wishes to change the Government, they are able to do so. Those people carry out destruction, whereas you bring about construction. It is not destruction that you have to bring about. When you carry out establishment, destruction takes place by itself.

A kumari is said to be more elevated than 100 brahmins, and so how many are you kumars more elevated than? One kumar is shown with seven Sheetlas (Goddess of Coolness), and so you are more elevated than 700 Brahmins. Kumars are hard workers and can do whatever they want. Each of you kumars should prepare your own group. Have a race, not a competition, amongst yourselves. No matter how much Maya tries to shake you, you must remain like Angad and not be shaken even slightly. Maya should not even be able to shake you by your nails. If you have even a slight sanskar of weakness, Maya will make you belong to her. Therefore, die alive; die alive to your old sanskars. Any obstacle is just a lesson for you. By learning these lessons, you will pass with honours. Whatever happens, you should learn a lesson from it and not start asking too many questions of “Why?” or “What?”

Kumars are constant servers, you do all-round service. You serve through your thoughts, words and deeds. Since there are so many all-round servers, there are many hands available. Together, you can all perform great wonders.

BapDada meeting Udhar-Kumars (married brothers):

For half a cycle you have been visiting places for a glimpse (darshan), and the Father has now come from the supreme abode to have a darshan of you. Looking at something is called having a darshan. The Father comes to see His children. Here, it is not that type of a darshan. Here, to have a darshan means to celebrate a meeting; it is a darshan through which you become fully satisfied. Udhar kumars are those who constantly live in a pure household. In an unlimited household, you are constant servers, and in a limited household, you are constantly detached. This group of udhar kumars is a bouquet of lotus flowers.

While living at home, your stage is that of a destroyer of obstacles, is it not? The stage of a destroyer of obstacles is to be constantly equal to the Father; it is the stage of a master almighty authority. When you remain in this stage, no obstacle will attack you. When you are not constantly in the stage of a master almighty authority, sometimes obstacles will influence you and sometimes you are able to destroy obstacles. For however long you are influenced by an obstacle, you accordingly incur a loss of one hundred thousand- fold. When you spend an hour in a worthwhile way, you accumulate one hundred thousand-fold. Similarly, when you waste an hour, you incur a loss of a hundred thousand-fold. Therefore, now finish your account of wastage. Pay attention at every second. You are the greatest children of the greatest Father, and so you should constantly pay attention to this. While living at home, remain constantly free from Maya. Remain loving whilst detached. By carrying out your household duties whilst remaining detached, you become constantly Maya-proof, that is, you remain detached. Those who are detached are constantly loved by God. To be detached means to be a trustee. A trustee has no attachment to anyone, because he has no consciousness of “mine”. So, all of you are trustees, are you not? When you consider yourself to be a householder, Maya can come. However, when you consider yourself to be a trustee, Maya will run away. When you have the consciousness of “mine”, you give birth to Maya. When you have no consciousness of “mine”, Maya cannot take birth. Just as insects breed in rubbish, so, too, Maya takes birth when you have the consciousness of “mine”. So, the easy way to become a conqueror of Maya is constantly to consider yourself to be a trustee. All of you are clever in this, are you not? A Brahma Kumar means a trustee. Although you live at home, you are a Brahma Kumar, not a household kumar! When you remain aware of being a Brahma Kumar, you remain detached whilst remaining in your household. However, if, instead of considering yourself to be a Brahma Kumar, you consider yourself to be in some other relationship, Maya can come. Therefore, constantly remember your alokik surname.

You are experienced about everything in your worldly life. Are you just as experienced in being a master ocean of knowledge, who discovers the jewels of experience by going into the depths of knowledge? What do you discover when you go the bottom of an ocean? Jewels! So, too, the more you go into the depths of knowledge, the more jewels of experience you will discover. By doing this, you will become an embodiment of experience. Then, when others see how experienced you are, they too will become experienced. Have you become experienced in this way? One is to listen to knowledge and speak knowledge, and the other is to become an embodiment of experience. To listen to knowledge and speak knowledge is the first stage and to become an embodiment of experience is the last stage. The more experienced you become, the more eternally free from obstacles you will become. Continue to develop your experience and become an embodiment of experience of every virtue. It is important that you have the experience of whatever you speak of. All of you Pandavas are embodiments of experience, are you not? When someone tries to shake an experienced person, he is not able to. Whatever Maya tries to do to an experienced person, she would not succeed. You are experienced in the obstacles of Maya, are you not? An experienced person would never be deceived. Make your foundation of experience strong..

Constantly continue to progress at a fast speed of effort. When you are fully stocked with pure thoughts, all your waste thoughts will stop. Continue to churn one or another point of all the knowledge you hear every day. To have waste thoughts means to lack the power of churning. Learn how to churn knowledge. Just take one word and go into the depths of that word. Give yourself a topic to think about every day and then your waste thoughts will stop. Whenever you have any waste thoughts, come to Madhuban with your intellect. When you remember the atmosphere and the elevated company of Madhuban, all your wastage stops, and your way of thinking changes. If you udhar kumars don’t become Brahma Kumars, you cannot make progress. When every action you perform is in the awareness of your being a multimillion-times fortunate soul, each of those acts will be elevated, and many others will continue to receive the message through you. You are messengers. Wherever you go and whoever you come into contact with, continue to give them the Father’s message. Continue to sow the seeds. Never think that you have given knowledge to so many and yet only two to four have emerged from that. Some seeds bear fruit quickly, whereas other seeds bear fruit according to the season. These seeds are imperishable and will definitely bear fruit. Therefore, continue to sow the seeds; continue to give the message to everyone. Constantly keep a balance of remembrance and service and become blissful. Achcha.

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