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Whilst having power, why isn't there the experience of success and contentment?

Just as the Father is the Ocean of all virtues, in the same way, do you consider yourselves to be the master oceans? An ocean is imperishable, unshakeable and steady. Looking at an ocean, you would especially be reminded of two particular powers: the power to accommodate, and to the extent that you see the power to accommodate, accordingly, you will also see the power to face. It faces the waves and also accommodates any person or any object within itself. So, since you are master oceans, check within yourself to see to what extent you have these two powers. To what percentage do you have these powers? Are you able to use both the powers at the right time? Do you experience success through having these powers?

Many children experience all the powers within themselves and also understand that they have these particular powers within themselves. However, even whilst having these powers, in some cases, they are not able to experience success. Even whilst considering themselves to be the embodiments of knowledge, bliss, love, peace and happiness, they are not constantly content with themselves; even whilst being effort-makers, they are only sometimes able to experience the practical fruit; the reward or the attainment. They observe all the disciplines, but in spite of that, they do not constantly experience themselves to be cheerful. They make a lot of effort, but they experience less fruit. Even in spite of making Maya their servant (dasi), they sometimes experience unhappiness (udasi). What is the reason for this? They have all the powers as well as the knowledge and they are even following all the disciplines; so in which aspect are they lacking that they become confused with themselves?

The aspect that is missing is that they do not know how to use at the right time with the right method the powers and the points of knowledge that they have attained. They have love for the Father, they also have love for knowledge and a life that is complete with all divine virtues. However, together with that love (preet), they do not know the method (reet), or, if they know the method, they don’t know how to have love. Therefore, even something invaluable becomes the basis of ordinary attainment. In a physical aspect, no matter how great a weapon may be or how valuable a possession you may have, if you don’t know how to use it, you are not able to receive the attainment you should from that. In the same way, knowledgeable children are not able to receive the attainment they should from knowledge and the powers. BapDada feels mercy for such souls.

Because of not knowing the method, you are not able to receive the attainment that you should. So how can you adopt the method? For this, you need the power to discern. Because you do not have the power to discern, you use the power to face at a time when you are supposed to use the power to accommodate. When you need to use the power to pack up, you use the power to create expansion. This is why, the thought may be of success, but you are not able to receive the attainment of success according to your thought. What is the main basis of attaining a special power? What do you need in order to strengthen your power of discernment? If an instrument is not able to give proper recognition of something, what is the reason for that? In order to increase your power of discernment, you need to have the elevated stage of being incorporeal, egoless, viceless and free from sin. If any one aspect out of the four is lacking, then, due to not having this elevated dharna, there isn’t that clarity. Only that which is elevated is clear. It is this confusion which doesn’t allow the intellect to become clean. Cleanliness is greatness. Therefore, increase your power of discernment. Only then will you be able to experience yourself to be a master ocean of all virtues, the same as the Father.

Just as an ocean is full of many things, in the same way, experience your form to be complete with all powers, because it is only at the confluence age that you receive the blessing to become complete. Apart from at the confluence age, you will never be able to experience the complete stage. The memorial of being complete with all virtues is of your divine life. There is also the praise of being sixteen celestial degrees complete. However, what is the form of something that is complete? Only in this Godly life is the knowledge and art of virtue experienced. This is why it is only in this Godly life that you are able to experience the bliss of being complete.

In order to learn the method, whatever you keep on receiving from the Father, whether it is knowledge or powers, continue to use them according to the time. Do not merge it within yourself thinking that it is a very good aspect, or something very good. That is, do not lock it away in your intellect. Do not just continue to accumulate a bank balance. Or, like elderly people, do not just keep a bundle of wealth hidden away. Do not simply experience the bliss of listening to it and possessing it, but continually use it for yourself and for all other souls, because according to the Godly principle, the more the attainment of the present time is used, the more it will increase. Just as for donation, it is said: „Wealth never finishes by giving it”, that is, to give it means to increase it, in the same way, by experiencing the Godly attainments in this way, there will not be little attainment, but instead, you will experience yourself to be an embodiment of all attainments. By using it again and again, you will be able to make your form that which is required by the time, and you will be able to use whatever power is needed at that particular time in the right way. You will be saved from being deceived at any time of need. To be saved from being deceived means to be saved from sorrow. So what will you become? Constantly cheerful, that is, constantly happy and you will have the fortune of happiness. So now, have mercy on yourself. And, by using all the attainments, and by knowing the method together with having love, become those who are constantly master oceans of knowledge. Become the oceans of power and the oceans of all attainments. Achcha.

To those who are the conquerors of Maya and so the conquerors of the world complete with all experiences; to those who make others experienced through their own experience; to those who are BapDada’s children and also His masters; to such souls who are the masters of the Father and the masters of the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.


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