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Constantly co-operate with the Father and be ever-ready in spiritual service

Do you consider yourselves to be the victorious souls who put any type of order you receive into practice within a second? If you were now to receive the order to make your vision spiritual and divine, vision in which there isn’t the slightest trace of arrogance of the body, not even in your thoughts, would you be able to make yourself like this? Or, would you take time to become this? If, instead of one second, you take two seconds, would you be called ever-ready? If you receive the order that, on the basis of your elevated awareness, you have to transform the awareness of all souls, would you be ever-ready to do this? If you receive the order to instantly transform the present atmosphere with your Godly awareness, would you be able to do this? If you receive the order to transform the circumstances of souls who are under the influence of their circumstances with your present stage of an almighty authority, would you be able to do this? If you receive the order to become a master creator and have good wishes and pure feelings for your creation, to satisfy the needs of the beggar souls according to their desires and to become a great donor and a bestower of blessings, would you be able to make everyone content? Or would some be content and some deprived? Do you experience yourself to be overflowing with the treasure-stock of all powers? Do you constantly have all the weapons in your hands? All the weapons means all the powers. If even one weapon or power is missing, or if there is weakness in one power, would such a soul be called ever-ready? Just as the Father is ever-ready, that is, He is complete with all powers, are you following the Father in the same way?

At the present time, such a group of ever-ready souls who co-operate with the Father is needed. Each group definitely has one or another sign of their speciality. So what is the sign of such a group who is ever-ready? Do you know it? You must have seen the sign of the physical military. Each group has its own medal. What is the medal of this spiritual military, this ever-ready group? Is it this physical badge? This is an easy means of service and it is something that gives you constant company, but the medal or sign of the first group is the rosary of victory. First is the ever-ready group of those who are to be threaded in the rosary of victory. They constantly have the rosary of victory around themselves with faith and intoxication. To be constantly victorious is the first sign of the rosary. In the same way, children who are ever-ready will constantly be decorated with this awareness. The second sign is that they will always be detached observers, wearing the armour of constant companions. All the powers of those who are ever-ready will be companions and officers who accept their orders. As soon as they receive the order, all the powers will say: Yes my lord. Their forehead will be constantly visibly sparkling with the awareness of the soul, that is, the jewel on the forehead will visibly be sparkling. On the basis of having spiritual light and might, their eyes will become instruments to show all souls the path to mukti and jeevanmukti. Their smiling face will enable others to forget their sorrow and make them cheerful in one second. Are you such an ever-ready group with the rosary of victory around the neck? Or, do you continue to ask for further methods from others? And, do you set aside your weapons and then beg for weapons when you need them? „Give me this power, give me this co-operation, let me have this support.” Even to have this thought is like begging. How could such a beggar become a great donor or bestower of blessings? What can a beggar give to a beggar? Look at yourself and check whether you have become worthy to become part of the ever-ready group. It should not be that you are given an order for one thing but in practice something else happens. You are not weak to this extent, are you? Even now, you still have a chance to gallop ahead. You can still transform yourself into any group that you want. However, after some time, even the chance to gallop will finish, and to whatever extent each of you has made effort, so you will remain at that point. Then, no matter how many applications you make, they will not be granted, but instead, you will be under compulsion. This is why BapDada is still warning you in advance, so that those who come later do not have any complaints for the Father. This is why, know the importance of every second and every thought and make yourself great. Use the power to recognise for the self and for service, for only then will you be able to finish all your own weaknesses, and make others complete according to their desires, and become a great donor and a bestower of blessings.

Achcha, to those who constantly have positive thoughts and who always maintain positive thinking; to those who fulfil the desires of others; to those who give the light of knowledge to all souls through the jewel on their forehead and to those who are constantly a lighthouse and might-house and who co-operate with the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrances, good night and namaste.

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