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The Mirror of Your Stage is Service

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be victorious” Since you are those who are victorious over the whole world and who then rule it, have you, yourselves, become victorious at this time? Do you consider yourselves to be those who have claimed the right to the world which you are going to rule? First of all, have you already claimed all rights over yourself, or do you still have to do that? Those who claim all rights over themselves become those who claim all rights to the world. So, ask yourself to what extent you have attained all rights over yourself. Do you know what all the rights are? The main powers of the soul that you speak of, that is, the mind, the intellect and Sanskars: have you become victorious, that is, have you claimed all rights over these three powers? You do not become subservient to your own powers, do you? Those who have become instruments for world service would have this stage easily and naturally, would they not? Or, would they have to stabilise themselves in this stage by making effort? Are you experiencing this stage of making effort within yourselves, or is the confluence age the time for making effort and the stage a matter for the future? At the confluence age, do you experience the stage of being the embodiment of success and a Master almighty authority or not? Are you going to experience this from now, or only for a little time at the end? Are you just going to remain the stars of hope? You should experience being the embodiment of success now. You will attain all success when you have claimed all rights over the self. You should be able to use your mind, intellect and Sanskars as you want. Only if it is like this now will you be able to change the mind, intellect and Sanskars of others. If you take time to change yourself, or if you are not constantly victorious, then you have to use greater time and energy in making others victorious. Service is a mirror of the stage of all of you. So, what can you see in the mirror? You effort-making souls have created your stage, but do those whom you serve experience this in the same way? Are you receiving visions of the extent to which you have created your stage through your service? What stage have you created? Where have you reached? You enjoy service, do you not? You experience happiness seeing the success of service, do you not: when other souls go having received the Father’s introduction? In the majority of Brahmin souls, you see especially two virtues: purity and love. The majority of you have passed in these two aspects. In the same way, in the result of service, love and purity are also visible, that is, those who come here experience this. However, the newness and the speciality of the knowledge, the stage of being knowledge-full and a Master almighty authority, the speciality of the practical task of the Father that should especially be experienced is lacking. Do they experience the full introduction of the incarnation of Shakti, the name which has to be glorified, the form of Shakti or the form of the Almighty Authority Father? They are impressed by your life, they are impressed by the love and co-operation, but are they also that much impressed with the elevated knowledge and your being so knowledge-full? Just as Brahmin instrument souls experience themselves to be the embodiment of power to a certain percentage, so too, in the mirror of service, the form of power is experienced less in comparison to that of love and co-operation. Whatever is happening and whatever you are doing is very good according to the drama. However, now, according to the time and according to the closeness, only when you become the embodiment of power and spread that influence on others will you be able to bring the final glorification close. Hoist the flag of power. Just as when a flag is hoisted, because it is high up, everyone’s vision is automatically drawn towards it, in the same way, now hoist the flag of power, the flag of greatness and newness throughout the whole world. That which no soul can experience anywhere else: give this special experience to all souls. So, service is the mirror, is it not? Achcha.

To those who give the introduction of the Almighty Authority Father with the form of all powers; to those who grant a vision of all powers through their own power; to the loving, co-operative, elevated souls who are the embodiment of power, who hoist the flag over the entire world, love, remembrances and namaste from BapDada.

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