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The basis of Transformation is Determined Thoughts

Today, Baba is very pleased seeing all the effort-making souls, because He knows that these are the elevated souls who are instrumental in bringing about the transformation of the world. Each elevated soul is performing such wonders numberwise. Although, at the present time, there may be some weakness or defect, these are the souls who are going to change from one thing to something else. So, seeing the future and perfect stage of all of you, Baba is very happy. All of you are the greatest of all spiritual magicians, are you not? Just as magicians show very unique games in a very short time, in the same way, you spiritual magicians are the ones who will bring about the transformation of the world with the power of your spirituality. You are those who make the bankrupt double- crowned. However, you are those who carry out such a great task of changing the self and changing the world with just one determined thought. You transform yourselves with just one determined thought. What is that one determined thought through which the Sanskars of forgetfulness of many births are emerged? It is a matter of just one second through which you changed yourselves. Just as in one second you had the one determined thought, “I am a soul”, and you transformed everything about yourself, in the same way, you bring about transformation of the world with just one determined thought. What is that one determined thought?

“We are the images of support and the images of upliftment for the world, that is, we are the world benefactors.” You constantly remain engaged in the task of transforming the world by imbibing just this one thought. So, you are such spiritual magicians that you transform yourselves and the world with just one thought. Those magicians demonstrate transforming things for a temporary period, but you spiritual magicians are those who have an imperishable attainment and also inspire others to attain an imperishable attainment. So, create every thought and perform every action whilst constantly keeping this elevated status and elevated task in front of you, and then none of your thoughts or actions will be wasted. Whilst moving along, whilst in the old body and in the old world, because of forgetting your elevated status and your elevated task, you make many types of mistake. To forget your own self is also a mistake. Those who forget themselves become instruments to make many mistakes. Therefore, constantly keep your elevated status in front of you. True bhagats stay very distant from those who are considered to be atheists, or who are ignorant and who perform sinful actions or who are under the influence of the vices in terms of the world. Why? What is the reason that the intense devotees, the true bhagats, constantly keep their special deity in front of themselves? Because of keeping them in front of themselves, they keep themselves safe from many things and they become more elevated than many other souls. Since bhagats can become more elevated than atheists or ignorant people by keeping their special deities in front of themselves, what will the knowledgeable souls who constantly keep their elevated status and task in front of themselves become? The most elevated of all souls. So ask yourself: Are your task and status constantly in front of you? You have had the Sanskars of forgetting for a long period of time. And so, if even now, you imbibe the Sanskars of forgetting, then when will you attain the intoxication and happiness that you should of being an embodiment of remembrance? Why are you not able to experience the happiness and joy of being an embodiment of remembrance? What is the main reason for that? You have not yet become a conqueror of attachment in all forms. If you are a conqueror of attachment, you will become an embodiment of remembrance. So, first of all, check yourself to see to what extent you have become a conqueror of attachment.

To come into body consciousness again and again proves that you have not gone beyond having attachment to the body, or that you have not destroyed attachment to the body. Because of your not being a conqueror of attachment, the time and power that you are attaining from the Father as an inheritance are not being used for any task. Everyone receives power.

Since you have become the children, you Claim a right to the property and the inheritance of the Father. So all souls have received the right to all powers, they claim a right to that. Therefore, all souls receive the inheritance of all powers. However, to use the inheritance of all those powers for a task and to bring about progress within yourself happens numberwise according to effort. Therefore, what would be said when you are the children of the unlimited Father and you only Claim a limited inheritance? Instead of an unlimited status, to Claim a limited inheritance or status is not the task of the children of the unlimited One. So even now, make yourselves those who have a right to the unlimited inheritance. Those who have a right are never dependent on their creation. Would those who are dependent on their own creation be called those who have a right? By being forgetful again and again, you make yourself weak. Because of being weak, you are not able to face even little things. So now, bid farewell to the Sanskars of half a Kalpa of forgetfulness.

Today, BapDada is making all of you make a promise. Just as you people challenge the people of the world telling them that this old world is now about to be destroyed, in the same way, can you not bid farewell to the Sanskars of forgetfulness? Can you not become the conquerors of Maya? When you can give courage to others and make them enthusiastic, can you not give courage to your own self and make yourself enthusiastic? So make a promise that from today you will not be defeated by Maya in any form or any Situation, but that you will fight her and become victorious. So tie this bond on yourself. You tie a Rakhi on those who do not have any knowledge or power and have them make a promise. And so, can you, who have attained knowledge and power and have been in relationship over a long period of time and are elevated, Mahavir souls, the souls who are the embodiment of Shakti, the Pandav army, can you not tie this Rakhi of a promise? Do you wish to make the weaknesses and defects your companions till the end? Nowadays, through Science, people are able to destroy anything in one second. So, can you, who are knowledge-full and Master almighty authorities, not destroy your weaknesses with a determined thought or promise of one second? You give others these points with great intoxication and force. So, just as you tell others with this intoxication, in the same way, can you yourself not have the intoxication and sparkle of becoming victorious? So from today, bid farewell to the weaknesses for all time.

One minute to be an effort-maker and the next minute to be an angel: can you not see your complete stage so close? Since the time is so close, the perfect stage should also be as close. It is through this that you will be able to put power into your effort. When someone knows that his destination is only a little distance away, he forgets everything else in the happiness of reaching the destination. When you become lazy as you move along, because of being tired whilst making effort or because of little problems, in order to finish all these, keep the time in front of you clearly, and together with the time, keep your attainment in front of you, and then the laziness and tiredness will finish. Just as you create service plans for every year, in the same way, make a plan for yourself for your stage of ascent, for becoming perfect and for having elevated thoughts and performing elevated karma. Together with keeping the plans in front of you, put them into a practical form at every moment. Achcha.

Namaste to those who make such a promise and reveal their perfect form and the Father.

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