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The sign of Competition and perfection is 16 celestial degrees

What is the aim of each one’s effort? (Of becoming complete.) What would you call the stage of completion? What map do you have in front of you which you consider to be the complete stage? What did you see in the complete stage that Baba adopted? When you tell others about the complete stage, what do you tell them? You explain to them that you can become sixteen celestial degrees complete, completely viceless and completely virtuous through this knowledge. You speak about this stage of completion. You will attain this in the future, but this is called the stage of completion, is it not? You will fill the soul with power at this time, will you not? Since you speak of sixteen celestial degrees complete, you will fill it with the talents now, will you not? You speak of the words, “Complete with all virtues, completely viceless and sixteen celestial degrees complete”. Is this the complete stage? Do you understand what all the virtues are? You have a list of the virtues, but when you speak of the sixteen degrees, what does that mean? This signifies the complete stage. When you see some speciality in someone, it is said: This one has this talent. Someone may have the speciality or talent of making those who are crying laugh. Some, have the art of cleanliness, and some have the talent of a miraculous intellect. So sixteen celestial degrees means that whatever actions they perform, each action will be seen as an art. Their every activity, their way of looking and moving will be seen as an art. Sometimes, people go to see the talents of others with so much interest. In this way, the activity of souls who have attained the complete stage is seen as a talent and it also becomes a divine activity. So it is a speciality, is it not? You also saw a speciality in the way sakar Baba moved and spoke. So that was a talent, was it not? He had the arts of sitting, seeing and walking. There was a uniqueness and a speciality in everything he did. His every action was seen as an art in a practical way. So sixteen celestial degrees means that every activity is visible as a perfect talent. This is known as being sixteen celestial degrees complete. So the sign of the complete stage is that their every act would be seen as a talent, that is, there would be a speciality in it. This is known as the complete stage.

So this is the clarification of the aim of becoming sixteen celestial degrees. You should check whether you have the art of seeing everything. In your words, is there the art ofspeaking? It is said: The talents of so-and-so have completely finished. So talents are something good. Talents being completely finished means that the power of attracting or the speciality has finished. So check whether your every action is like an art or not. When a dealer deals, for that length of time, his every action is seen as an art. How he moves, how he picks up everything is noted by everyone as an art. So this confluence age is for especially demonstrating the art of performing actions. Always experience yourself to be on a stage. You have to become sixteen celestial degrees complete in this way. Those whose every action is seen as an art; their every action, that is, their virtues are remembered. In other words, this is known as every act being a divine activity.

Seeing this form of art, others are also inspired; their actions become serviceable also. When some have an art, that becomes a means for their earning. In this way, the actions of those who perform every action as an art become a method for earning limitless income, and it attracts others. If every act is performed as an art, they become like a magnet. Nowadays, many people, whilst moving along on the roads, show one or another of their talents and everyone gathers around. So, as this is an elevated art, would other souls not be attracted? You have to check yourself to this extent. Everyone pays a lot of attention to every act of the elevated souls because their every action is an art. This is why their art of every act is worshipped in the temples. In the big temples, there will be different views of their way of sitting, their way of sleeping, their way of eating and bathing. There are very few temples where you receive a glimpse of their every act. What is the reason for this? They performed every act as an art and therefore their memorial continues. Why was there the interest to observe every act of sakar Baba? Even when you lived with Baba for so many years, you saw Baba, knew Baba, you understood Baba and yet, why was there the interest to observe Baba again and again? You did not wish to miss even one of Baba’s actions. When a magician shows his talents, you feel that if you miss even one thing, you have missed a lot, because his every act is an art. In the same way, you also had the desire to see how Baba slept. There was an art even in sleeping. Every action was an art. This is known as sixteen celestial degrees complete. Achcha. Have you created such a stage? Your aim is of reaching this stage, is it not? By having that aim, you will have to imbibe those qualifications. If every act is being performed as an art, then by becoming sixteen celestial degrees complete, there will automatically be the dharna of being complete with all virtues. Achcha.

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